Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shrimp & Kim Chi Fried Rice

You'll need:

Along with 1 tbsp sesame oil/1 tbsp corn oil in a wok on high.
The white rice MUST be cold, otherwise your fried rice will be mushy and stick together.

Heat the oil and throw in the ginger and garlic (about a tsp of ginger and 2 or 3 of garlic), then throw in the shrimp and fry until pink.

Throw in the other vegetables and kim chi and toss for about a minute or two.

Add the cold rice (about 4 cups or so) and toss.

Add regular soy and sweet soy while tossing until it looks golden or a little darker (your taste).
Remove from heat, and you're done.

*I never measure the vegetables since as much as you put in is to your taste.
It'll be fine.
I usually end up using whatever is in my fridge at the time that fits with fried rice.

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