Monday, August 06, 2007

Crab and Callaloo

Again, another missing recipe from my Blogger switch over.

You need:
Dasheen Leaves or Calaloo...I prefer dasheen. It's a beautiful large leaf with a velvet like texture. You can find them in West Indian stores or Asian stores.

All chopped: celery, garlic, okra, shallots.

Crab & shrimp

Vegeta (buy it at eastern european deli or supermarket in the ethnic isle)

1 scotch bonnet pepper...just to float and remove (DON'T CUT IT OPEN)

Scald the crab and clean and chop them, as pictured here

Wash and roll the dasheen leaves
Chop the dasheen leaves and vegetables.
Amounts are not important. It's as much of the veggies and leaves as you like.

Put all chopped veggies in the pot.

Pour a pint (or enough to cover vegetables) of boiling water over all the ingredients and cook them until soft.
Add crab and cook until done.

Sometimes I add some salt beef or salt pork and shrimp for extra flavour.

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