Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John Bull's Jerk

Did John turn those dumplings without tongs?

"This is how you make Jamaican Jerk Chicken!

Mix quantities of liquids, spices, and vegetables into a salsa-like paste. The exact taste and texture will depend on which you mix to make the paste, but it traditionally always is somewhat hot. Take the spices and associate their flavours with the meat. Various methods include: pounding the paste into the meat, massaging it into the meat, marinating the meat, stuffing it into poked (jerked) holes in the meat, putting it into a sealed bag with the meat, basting it on the meat, coating it on the meat, rubbing it on the meat, etc.

The spices are generally applied anywhere from half a day to three days, depending on the cook. Then grill chicken legs over very low heat for 40-50 minutes. Serve with rice n peas."

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Crankyputz said...

I've been interested in learning how to make the jerk seasoning for a while, what's the ingredients??